Social Programmes


PhosAgro recognises its responsibility to promote social stability and the sustained economic development of the communities in which it operates. PhosAgro strives to be recognised as an attractive local employer and a caring corporate citizen. The Company continually tries to improve the quality of, and assist in the development of, the social environment through investment and contribution to social programmes within the local communities.

Through social programmes, PhosAgro aims to build positive long-term relationships and to have an open dialogue with non-governmental organisations, local authorities and other community participants. Our aim is to reduce the possibility of social conflict, and to ensure that the Company actually helps people and provides the relevant support to them.

PhosAgro believes that, in the long run, investment in social programmes will contribute to the rapid development of the Company, and that the Company’s operations will benefit if local communities are thriving. PhosAgro cooperates with local authorities on a number of matters, such as developing urban infrastructure, improving and expanding community facilities, and contributing to sporting and cultural development. PhosAgro’s sponsorship and charitable activities are prioritised around the following areas:

  • support for development of culture, sports and education;
  • support for vulnerable groups of society (i. e. pensioners, disabled people, World War II veterans);
  • sponsorship of kindergartens and schools.

Investment in culture, sports and education

With the aim of supporting local communities, PhosAgro promotes the preservation and development of the cultural, spiritual and historical heritage of Russia.

PhosAgro supports the State Academic Maly Theatre and the charity fund called “Philantropist”. The Company sponsored concerts, performed by the Symphony Cappella Orchestra “Tavricheskaya” in Kirovsk and Apatity. PhosAgro also supports cultural centres in Khibiny, Balakovo and Cherepovets, where the Company is present.
PhosAgro provides ongoing all-round support to the St. Petersburg State Mining University.

In 2010 and 2011, PhosAgro sponsored the construction of a kindergarten in the Republic of Mordovia, following the Russian President’s and the government’s appeal to help areas that were heavily damaged by forest fires. The Company took on 50% of the total expenditure, which enabled the initially planned capacity of the kindergarten of 70 to be increased to 126 places. The total investment in the project amounted to RUB 27 million. In 2011, PhosAgro donated RUB 2 million for the modernisation of Vernadsky State Geological Museum.

In 2011, PhosAgro signed an agreement with Cherepovets city government to convert Professional Specialised School No. 37 into Cherepovets College for Chemical Engineering. The goal of this project is to improve the educational level of prospective employees of PhosAgro’s subsidiaries in Cherepovets.

The Company’s total investment in the project will amount to RUB 45 million. The conversion is planned to be completed in 2012.
PhosAgro supports and sponsors the following sports organisations:
  • Independent Non-profit Organisation Football club “Sheksna” (Cherepovets, Russia)
  • Independent Non-profit Organisation Sports club “Speedway” (Balakovo, Russia)
  • Russian Chess Federation
  • Russian Swimming Federation
  • Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation
  • Russian Olympians Foundation
Following the initiative in 2003 of Andrey Guriev, member of the Federal Assembly from the Murmansk region, PhosAgro together with the State Educational Centre “Sambo-70” established a Non-commercial Partnership “DROZD”. Since then the Company has been supporting “DROZD”, which is aimed at promoting education and a healthy lifestyle among children. Within the framework of this partnership, several independent non-profit organisations were set up in Balakovo, Cherepovets and Khibiny, where PhosAgro is present. These educational and sports centres monitor the state of health of children and teenagers in these regions, promote a healthy lifestyle, and provide the local communities with various sports and educational activities.

The school of rhythmic gymnastics in Kirovsk

In 2011, PhosAgro founded a school of rhythmic gymnastics in Kirovsk. The school was set up under the auspices of the Educational Centre “Drozd-Khibiny”. Irina Viner, President of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, Valery Yazev, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, Andrey Guriev, member of the Federal Assembly from the Murmansk region and Renat Laishev, General Director of the State Educational Centre “Sambo-70”, took part in the opening ceremony. Several of Irina Viner’s students, who are members of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team, performed during the ceremony, showcasing their programme for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Thus, Kirovsk citizens had a unique opportunity to be among the first spectators to enjoy the performance of this programme. The school is headed by Elena Eryomenko, who is a former student of Irina Viner. Ms. Eryomenko is a Russian Federation Master of Sport, and has won medals in the International Summer Universiade and the Russia Championship. Elena Eryomenko already trains over ninety young gymnasts. The school has all the necessary up-to-date facilities to ensure that students are successfully trained.

Ski resort “Big Woodyavr” in the Murmansk region

Established with the support of PhosAgro, the ski resort “Big Woodyavr” has been awarded “The Best Snowboard Park” for the second consecutive year at the United International Congress of Winter Sports on 15 — 17 June 2011. The ski resort has also been recognised as “The Best Ski Resort in Russia”. In addition, during the winter season 2010-2011 the ski resort installed new artificial snow making equipment and lighting for the slopes, which made it possible to host the first stage of the Russia Cup Series for alpine skiing in November 2011.

Support for vulnerable groups of society

PhosAgro supports disabled people, World War II veterans and veterans of labour. In 2011, Apatit donated RUB 799,000 to support World War II veterans in events marking Victory Day and Defender of the Fatherland Day in Kirovsk and Apatity.

Furthermore, PhosAgro sponsors the following organisations:

  • Non-profit Organisation of World War II veterans and veterans of labour in the Vologda region “Veteran”;
  • Charity Fund “For a Good Cause” (“Vo imya dobra”);
  • All-Russia Society of Disabled People;
  • Russian Union of Disabled Sportsmen

Support for local communities

Apatit is located within the borders of Kirovsk and Apatity in the Murmansk region of Russia, and is the main employer in these cities. The company therefore plays a key role in the socio-economic development of these monocities. The sponsorship and charitable activities of Apatit include the following:

  • patronage for educational organisations;
  • organisation of cultural, sports and leisure activities;
  • reconstruction of hospitals and medical organisations;
  • construction of children’s playgrounds;
  • other socially-oriented projects in the region.

PhosAgro is involved in similar sponsorship and charitable activities in the other regions where it operates.